Water Damage of Miami

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Water Damage

  • Water Damage Restoration Company Miami

    Even just the smallest amount of damage from a broken or frozen pipe can potentially explode into a property nightmare for you. It’s vital to get your property seen to by professionals. There’s no point trying to fix it yourself as this will only give you a false sense of security, when the facts are that you could possibly mold growing inside the carpet padding and interior of the wall.

    The first step in the water extraction procedure is to have an experienced surveyor evaluate the damage. The surveyor will use a thermal imaging camera to detect any extra leaks on a property. When the amount of damage is assessed, our experienced water damage technicians will secure the property, discuss any safety concerns, for example electricity or continuously leaking water and will begin to move any furniture or appliances out of the way to limit the level of damage brought on by the invading water. If required we will begin to deploy submersible and gas-powered water extraction pumps to excavate the water out of your property.

    Our water extraction team will continuously monitor its progress and when ready, based on the type of surface will utilize our truck mounted water extraction hoses and vacuums.